To Dream About Cars…..

by Stephen Parker, Ph.D. (Article Selection, Commentary) on October 2, 2010

car face To dream about cars.....

In waking life cars are vehicles of transport; a way of moving our physical bodies around. In dreams however, cars are symbols of our bodies–the vehicles which our spiritual selves use as a means of experiencing physical reality. Dreams of cars, or most precisely, dreams of what is going on with the cars are symbols of how our psyche feels about what it is experiencing in waking life.

Most often when clients come to me for interpreting a car dream, it typically involves an out of control car, a car crash or a car which someone else is driving. Let’s look at these dreams separately.

I often hear of dreams of cars which are out of control in some manner–the brakes don’t work, the windshield wipers won’t come on during a storm, or the car has mysteriously ran out of gas. Each of these dreams is making a comment on some aspect of your life that feels out of control. In the case of bad brakes, this dream normally points to a situation that you feel you need to end but can’t. Faulty windshield wipers often mean that you feel like you are in turmoil but can’t see your way out of the situation. Dreams of running out of gas often mean physical exhaustion.

A car crash dream usually means that you feel like your life is a wreck. Look at how the car crash occurred in the dream. Did another car hit yours? Was there ice or water on a highway? What leads up to the crash is usually a good indicator of how you are perceiving what is occurring in your life. If someone else hit your car you may feel the a situation is ‘not your fault’, that you are being victimized by an outside source over which you have no control. If hitting ice or water in the road may indicate an emotional situation which is causing you to feel out of control. Look at the details of the dream and see what led up to the crash or loss of control.

Dreams of crashes may actually be a sign pointing to something in your life that needs repair–a relationship which is out of balance or a work situation that is causing you distress.

Dreams of someone else driving your car are potent dreams. Remember, your car is your vehicle. You are meant to be the driver plotting out your course. Your car is meant to be your ticket to freedom. When someone else is in the driver’s seat then symbolically, that is the person you may feel is or even wish were in charge of your life.

Look at who is in the driver’s seat. Is it a parent, a spouse, a child, a friend? How do you feel about the person driving the car? Are you happy about where they taking you? If you like the person driving the car and are happy about where you are going, this dream might point to you wishing that you handled your life like the person in the dream does. It might also be a wish for being ‘rescued’ by that person from a situation in your life that you are unhappy with.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the person driving or the course you’re on, it may feel like that person is in charge of your life, or that you feel like you’re making the same choices as someone whose life you feel is less than ideal.

Remember though, the person driving the car is a symbol. Dreaming of someone of the opposite sex driving your car can point to an animus/anima figure who you feel is in control. For women, the animus is the thinking part of the psyche, for men, the anima is usually representative of the emotions. Do you feel you are making decisions according to faulty logic or misguided emotions? This is where your feelings about the driver of the car give you the most information about the dream.

Look at dreams of cars and driving as sign posts giving you information about how you can regain control of your life and what you can do to claim your freedom and power. Source: Aisling Ireland

The car in your dream may symbolize the physical self or ego development and ego function. In that, it represents the way that you travel through your life’s journey. Consider all of the details in the dream, including its emotional content (e.g. difficulty of the road, identity of the driver, direction of the incline). Recurring car dreams usually deal with life’s major themes that may include issues of control and sensibility. By carefully examining this dream, you may gain insight into important areas of life, including to how well you are navigating from one stage of your life to another, if you are assertive and take charge or are passive. Dreaming about traveling in a car is a very, very common dream theme that provides valuable information in regard to a specific part of or long-standing theme in your life’s journey.

As in life, the car is simply the best mode of transportation within a dream. In that case, the rest of the dream is more important than the car itself. However, if the dream includes significant information about the car, that image may be worth a deeper look. There are numerous car images in our dream lives. These may include accidents, being a passenger in a car, buying a car or driving a car.

Accidents usually reveal perceived threats, vulnerabilities or anxieties about the well-being of those we love. They may also reflect a sense of being out-of-control or unable to protect others sufficiently. Dreams of this nature can also have a strong premonition feeling to them that inspire additional caution the following morning. Deja vu may be a very powerful element, as well, if the accident occurred on a road often travelled. Heightened sensitivity to careless habits might be a good idea following an accident dream.

Being a passenger in a car may indicate that you feel the driver has control over your destiny. The driver may even be a public figure, such as a celebrity or politician. In these instances, your feelings about the driver and how trustworthy he is can be significant. Buying a car is often a wish-fulfillment or problem-solving dream. These dreams reflect a desire to acquire something that is beyond your means in waking life. If you are in the market for a car, your dreams may actually be trying to help differentiate the best choice.

Driving a car is roughly the opposite of being a passenger in one. However, the passengers may reflect persons to whom you feel an acute sense of responsibility. Again, they may be figures from almost any area of your life. What is important is how you relate to them and how you all agree or differ on your destination.

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