Diagnostic Dream: a Voice With Information

by Stephen Parker, Ph.D. (Article Selection, Commentary) on June 16, 2010

Several weeks into my second pregnancy, I started bleeding. After an ultrasound that couldn’t find anything and a test that showed low pregnancy hormone levels, my doctor diagnosed a miscarriage.

Knowing from my first pregnancy that I prefer to do things naturally, he sent me home, skipping the D&C. A few days after I stopped bleeding, I had a short vivid dream .

There was a voice that said, “It’s not over. It’s still 60 per cent in you.”

I awoke with a start, certain that it was about the pregnancy, but not understanding what it meant. As I reflected on the dream through an early swim, I felt certain that something was wrong and that I should call my doctor, who liked to joke about me being his unconventional patient. I was wondering what to say, other than, “I have a feeling something is wrong,” but when I got home from the pool the phone was ringing. The doctor’s office was calling to say that my follow-up hormone test showed I was still pregnant, and they suspected an ectopic pregnancy, which was confirmed a short time later at the hospital.

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