Slate Magazine Takes on Dreams of Sarah Palin

by Stephen Parker, Ph.D. (Article Selection, Commentary) on November 16, 2010

Capture11 copy Slate Magazine takes on Dreams of Sarah Palin

After writing the satirical post on dreams about Sarah Palin, I checked to see if people actually did dream of Sarah Palin or if there had been any research done. Yup. Slate magazine did an article about Sarah Palin in September, 2008. Note that the conclusion of the article is that the writer had no idea of what the dreams actually meant.

This is continued evidence of how minimally people understand the significance of dreams. It is a bit like people living with gold in their backyard and having no idea that it is there.

I would note that the an early line in the articles reads, “Many of you were appalled that Slate would undertake such a frivolous (according to liberals) …..” Frivolous? Dreams are frivolous? You mean I have spent my of my tine as a therapist doing frivolous work? You mean that when Jacob dreamed of angels ascending and descending on a ladder it was frivolously included in the Bible? (Believe me, you need to understand why this dream is important ) And what have these liberals been doing with their lives if they think dreams are frivolous?

I have suggested in an e-mail to David Plotz (the writer of the article for Slate Magazine) that it might actually be worthwhile to look a little deeper into these Sarah Palin dreams. My colleagues at the International Association for the Study of Dreams would no doubt have a lot to say about them….(I wonder what the odds are Slate Magazine might actually consider looking deeper into dreams…..)

Hey you can write him too. Wake him up (slowly, though). Tell him to pay attention to dreams, and particularly to the cultural dream of Sarah Palin. His e-mail address is

Our Dreams (and Nightmares) About Sarah Palin
She hands you a $20 bill. She marries you. She tells you to kill all the animals in the zoo. She’s your barista.
Abby Callard and David Plotz
September. 12, 2008

This week, we asked Slate readers to e-mail us with their Sarah Palin dreams. So far, you’ve sent us nearly 500 of them. Many of you were appalled that Slate would undertake such a frivolous (according to liberals) or insulting (according to conservatives) project (click here to read some of those furious responses), but even more readers were relieved to know that they weren’t the only ones who went to sleep every night and discovered the newly crowned conservative queen in their dreams.

It’s hard to generalize about such a large group of dreams, but there were a few persistent themes: Palin as a gun-toting animal killer, pregnancies and denied abortions, baby Trig, and the landscape of Alaska. Many of you reported dreaming about John McCain dying and Palin taking over the Oval Office. Both men and straight women reported sexual fantasies involving the Alaska governor. (Full Article)

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