Dream Art: The Evil Sorcerer

by Stephen Parker, Ph.D. (Article Selection, Commentary) on August 28, 2010

dream art inner sorcerer Dream Art: The evil sorcerer

An evil sorcerer wounds my finger, which bleeds. He has two wild animals with sharp teeth that terrify me.

When I painted this, the dark fierce demons, dominated the image, embodying those ferociously negative parts of myself through which my ego held me helpless captive. I knew how Pauli felt; I had been there. So much of my energy had gone into powering those angry demons that little was left for me.

In time I would feel safe enough to discard the ersatz stand-in and grow up as myself, not needing to “minsk” myself into a clone of someone else’s expectations of “good”, “Success”, “the right way”. Many dreams and paintings led me to free my inner child and guide her into the real world. Instead of being an escape, dreams and art became a door to awareness, and to life.

Alissa Goldring, Artist

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